Frequently Asked Questions

We sell both new and used vehicles and as we are independent we source and stock any make or model. We offer cars on monthly lease, outright purchase or finance agreements from Ford to Ferrari.
Yes, all of our used vehicles are prepared onsite at our state of the art preparation and servicing unit, before being delivered to your door or ready for collection from our showroom. All brand-new vehicles will be delivered directly from the manufacturer/supplier.
Once you have been accepted and chosen your vehicle, this will take from three to ten working days to be delivered or made ready for collection. Cars available through our Click and Drive service will be ready for collection the same day, and delivery within three days.
Our Account Managers can provide both interior and exterior shots of the exact vehicle that you are interested in purchasing. If you live locally to the showroom, feel free to visit us and view our vehicles.
If you can’t find the vehicle that you are looking for, then fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form and one of our dedicated Account Managers will be in touch within 24 hours. If we do not have the vehicle onsite, we can source this especially for you.
Yes, all of our vehicles are HPI clear.
Each car undergoes a rigorous inspection prior to it being released for delivery.
Due to changes made to Vehicle Tax laws in October 2015 we are no longer able to offer tax with our vehicles.
If the vehicle has less than 6 months MOT on it when we take it into stock we will carry out a new MOT. If there is more than 6 months MOT remaining on it, a new MOT will not be carried out.
Unfortunately not. As you are the legal owner you will need to take car of registration transfer yourself.
Here at Hippo Motor Group, we work with a range of lenders that specialise in all credit types. This means that we can accept customers of all credit backgrounds and find the perfect deal for them.
Interest rates will vary in this case, as lenders that do accept poor credit are usually more niche. For all your options, speak to one of our dedicated account managers by contacting us
You can still enquire on any make or model that you prefer, this depends entirely on your budget and affordability. To discuss any finance options fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form and one of our dedicated account managers will be in touch within 24 hours
We do accept part exchanges on any vehicle, and offer a very competitive price.
You can take part or all of the cash in return for the vehicle, providing this is HPI clear and there is no finance outstanding left to pay.
You will need to fill out the relevant section to notify the DVLA of your intention to pass on ownership of your vehicle, or you can do this online.
No. Your personal account manager will require you to complete a ‘Vehicle Appraisal Form’. As long as you complete this form to the utmost accuracy your part exchange will go through smoothly. Should there be a discrepancy you will be responsible for the cost to repair the issue.
We do not provide insurance, this must be sourced through a third party. Rather than providing a fixed price to fit all, it is more beneficial and cost effective to source your own insurance price.
Yes. With all finance and leasing agreements a credit check will need to be carried out. Once the credit check has been completed our internal underwriters will decide which funder you are most likely to be accepted with. This way we can reduce the chances of a declined application and negative impact on your credit file.
Subject to satisfying our normal credit criteria, and taking into consideration the affordability of the loan we will lend you the full amount of the vehicle beind purchased. In some circumstances the lender may require a deposit.
We provide a variety of agreement term lengths from 12 to 60 months. This will be dependent upon the finance plan you choose and what length best fits your budget.
We have a range of interest rates that reflect your current credit status.
Your application should have a decision within an hour.
Unfortunately if your finance is declined, there is nothing we can do.Credit files can change pretty quickly so we will keep in touch and if something should change positively we can always try to help in the future.
We offer all types of finance including; PCP, HP, LP, PCH and BCH. To find out which type of finance would suit you best, please fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form and one of our Account Managers will contact you to discuss this.
If you choose a Hire Purchase agreement for your vehicle, then you will normally pay an initial deposit, before paying for the remainder of the car in monthly instalments. Once these payments have been made, the HP agreement ends and the car is your own.
You are able to choose a fixed term and deposit that fit your budget, these can be discussed and adjusted with your Account Manager before a contract is signed so that this fits your circumstances.
At the end of your HP agreement and once all of your monthly payments have been paid, the vehicle will officially be yours.
As with other finance deals out there, a PCP means that you pay an initial deposit (optional at Hippo), followed by monthly instalments. By the end of this agreement, you will normally have paid off around a third of the cost, and you have three options to choose from.
A PCP has many benefits to our customers, including the flexibility of this once you have paid all of your monthly instalments. With several options to choose from, this gives you room to choose the option best for your circumstance. You can also usually afford a better standard of vehicle than if you opt for a HP agreement.
A Lease Purchase agreement is a common way of buying commercial vehicles such as vans. It usually offers lower monthly payments than a PCP or HP, but does include a final ‘balloon’ payment upon ending the agreement.
This type of agreement offers lower monthly payments for customers and means they own the vehicle at the end. As you own the vehicle, you also avoid penalties for any damage to this, or for exceeding your mileage allowance.
At the end of an LP agreement, you will pay a final large sum, before the vehicle is yours.
If you aren’t looking to buy the car at the end of your contract, then Personal Contract Hire is the agreement for you. This agreement works by paying fixed monthly payments for an agreed time period, when the agreement ends you can return the vehicle or begin a new contract on a different model.
A PCH is extremely flexible, knowing that at the end of the agreement you can simply return this car or upgrade to a newer model to best suit your needs. Since you aren’t buying the vehicle, your monthly instalments are much lower than they would be on a HP or PCP agreement.
At the end of this agreement, you have the flexibility to return the car, or begin a new contract on a different model.
We offer all types of finance including; PCP, HP, LP, PCH and BCH. To find out which type of finance would suit you best, please fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form and one of our Account Managers will contact you to discuss this.
As well as spending a significantly lower figure than other agreements, a Business Contract Hire agreement offers big VAT benefits for the company. Overall the agreement is highly flexible for operating businesses, meaning they can return the vehicle at the end of the agreements and opt for a different model.
When ending this type of agreement, the business has the flexibility of returning the car, or beginning a new contract on a different model.
All vehicles will be delivered with a valid service and MOT, once these run out it is up to the customer to book their own service and renew MOT (MOT is not required for 36 months, so at most you’d need to carry out one).
We can offer a maintenance package on used cars for any local customers, however for circumstances other than this we do not offer maintenance packages.
Both servicing and MOT are included in a vehicle maintenance package, you can opt for this additionally on new vehicles. For used vehicles we offer this to local customers to BB1.
You are entitled to use your own garage for any repairs or servicing needs that you may have, unless you have opted for our extra maintenance packages, in which our garage must be notified and used for any repairs/service.
All of our cars are prepared and delivered with three months’ complimentary warranty, providing manufacturer’s warranty is not already in place.
In the event of a problem with your car, within the first three months of owning your vehicle you must notify your Account Manager, who can advise the best course of action from our service team or your local manufacturer. If you do have manufacturer’s warranty, you can go directly to your local franchise dealer
Tyres and brakes are not covered within any warranty product, this does not cover wear and tear but does cover faults such as engine, gearbox etc.
Our three-month warranty does not cover diagnostic charges.
In the event of this problem, you should consult your warranty provider who will liase with your garage to complete the payment for this.
GAP insurance is the difference between the actual cash value of a vehicle and the balance still owed on the financing of this, should it be written off before final payment is made.
This is controlled by the DVLA so is unfortunately out of our control.Guidelines state up to 6 weeks but it is usually much sooner than this.
All of our vehicles are prepared to BVRLA standards, please refer to these. If you feel your vehicle is outside of those standards please refer to our complaints process.
By typing in your registration number and vehicle make and model you can find out when your MOT is due here: www.gov.uk/check-mot-status .
fusion_toggle title=”When is my next service due?” open=”no”]If the vehicle requires a service in under 6 months or 6,000 miles, one will be carried out prior to delivery. Should a service outside of those restrictions, a health check will be carried out.[/fusion_toggle] fusion_toggle title=”When will I receive paperwork for my extended warranty?” open=”no”]These should be received within a few days of your vehicles delivery.[/fusion_toggle] fusion_toggle title=”My car has locking wheel nuts, where is my locking wheel nut key?” open=”no”]Depending on the brand and model this is generally in the glove box or the allocated space in the boot.[/fusion_toggle] fusion_toggle title=”What do I do if I cannot make my finance payment?” open=”no”]You would need to speak directly with your finance provider.You can find this out by referring to who you make your monthly payments to, or via your paperwork you signed with Hippo Motor Group[/fusion_toggle] fusion_toggle title=”Can I settle finance early?” open=”no”]Again, this is a discussion ideally had with your finance provider.[/fusion_toggle] fusion_toggle title=”What happens if I go over my annual mileage?” open=”no”]This will depend on your finance agreement. On a contract hire you will be charged per mile you exceed. On a PCP your final value figure for your vehicle will be affected. [/fusion_toggle]
Yes, our delivery team will travel anywhere in the UK to deliver your new vehicle to your door. Delivery charges do apply, and can be discussed with your account manager. Alternatively, to find out our delivery charges, fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form and one of our dedicated Account Managers will be in contact.
All used vehicles will be available for delivery or collection from three to ten working days, and our cars are also available to take home the very same day. To find out more about our Click and Drive process, Contact Us.
We deliver all over the UK.
Yes, we do deliver to the Isle of Man. A copy of our delivery prices can be obtained from one of our Account Managers, to discuss delivery options with them, please fill in the ‘Contact Us’ form.
A copy of our delivery prices can be obtained from one of our Account Managers, our delivery prices start at £60 for local areas, up to £390 for areas over 6 hours away. To find out where your location sits within this, please use the ‘Contact Us’ form, and one of our dedicated account managers will be in contact.
If you have purchased a brand-new car, this will be delivered to your door directly from the supplier.
A proof of identification such as a driving license or passport.

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